In the past two centuries, humans have revolutionized their exterior world. The time has come for them to revolutionize their inner world.

Time to Set Your Worldview Ahead

“Fundamentally, the task is to articulate… an alternative worldview to rival the one at the heart of the ecological crisis.”

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A Vision

Whatever else it may be defined as, wisdom is to know yourself. Self-knowledge is an undetachable characteristic of wisdom and of complete human flourishing. The Flourishing Earth is committed to helping bring about a world in which all humans will be able to flourish in a flourishing natural environment.

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Welcome to
the Flourishing Earth

The vision of the Flourishing Earth presented here is based on the understanding that
* All things are inextricably interrelated in one integral whole.
* Consciousness precedes the physical world, and creates the  physical world.
This understanding is not an intellectual exercise but becomes a lived truth: a bone-deep knowing that results from perceiving the world directly, without the filter of concepts and thought, or assuming that the external senses provide knowledge about objective reality. Here you can learn to make this perception your default mental mode. It can be learned as a game, just like playing tennis. Just as athletes enter “the zone” when they are exquisitely in tune with their sport, all humans enter the zone when well-attuned with their context, interior and exterior. We hope you feel at home here. 

All people will be able to flourish in a flourishing natural environment

The Wisdom of The Flourishing Earth

When we perceive the world without the filter of thought, we realize that…

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“The unhappiness and suffering that we experience arise through our inability to control our own minds, and the happiness that we wish to achieve will only be achieved by learning to control our minds.”

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A Flourishing Earth

A worldview is a system of beliefs and assumptions about the nature of the world and reality. The dominant world-view in a society shapes what appears to be the self-evident reality that is unquestioned because it is the belief of almost all people…

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On the Value of Stopping Thought

A long time ago, long enough so that people refer to it as the ancient world, sages were teaching people ways to still the mind in order to perceive reality clearly.

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Awareness and Thought: The distinction that makes potential humans actual humans.

Awareness comes first, before the material world we believe we live in.

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As Above, So Below

Learn­ing to use the mind correctly is the most important thing there is. Knowing where to place attention, maintaining focus for a long time, and eliminating distracting thoughts, are as valuable as life itself.

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Self-Control of the Mind

Making Higher Consciousness the Default Mental Mode

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Jem’s Path to the Land Beyond Thought
A wisdom tale

Chapter 1: An Odd Meeting, and What Followed

The inner journey we make through life is far more important than the outer one.

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