As Above, So Below

To perform the miracles of One Thing, do one thing at a time. Become One Thing – the One Thing. To do this, become attentive silence. Learn­ing to use the mind correctly is the most important thing there is. Knowing where to place attention, maintaining focus for a long time, and eliminating distracting thoughts, are as valuable as life itself. It is neces­sary to hold a great number of factors in the mind at once, so that the larger pat­terns can form. We can only do this by learning to keep irrelevant and auto­matic thoughts out, al­low­ing the more authentic to come forth.

         One part of the mind makes thoughts and one falls asleep while the body is awake. Yet another part can observe the thought-producing part, and keep the mind awake. Cling to this part of the mind.

         Eventually, this part leaves behind the realm of thought and enters the land beyond thought, perceiving by direct intuitive insight. This perception occurs much faster than thought, which proceeds by means of mental speech or images, a step at a time, discursively. When we first become aware of it, we probably are incapable of even recognizing its messages, as they come and disappear before our everyday awareness can take note of them. But with practice we learn to recognize and comprehend these messages, which appear all at once and vanish in a flash. They do not use words or concepts or images.

         The Land Beyond Thought appears when discursive thought is adequately tamed. Free of mental clutter, attention passes beyond a sort of mental membrane, to a place where thoughts, if they appear, take on a different appearance. The do not capture attention any longer. They are seen to be simply one more object that can be examined or ignored.

         Far more interesting, and far more informative, are the insights and intuitions that flash and vanish in a fraction of a second. When attention is not distracted by thoughts, it can learn to adapt to this new level of speed and notice and comprehend the meteoric messages.

         Don’t watch the thoughts, but the place of awareness. Tune in to it a hundred times daily, until you can easily find a con­nection, and leaving thought behind, become simple awareness. Insights appear and in­stantly burst like bub­bles, leaving only a mem­ory of a memory. The task is to en­ter the bubbles before they burst.

Learn­ing to use the mind correctly is the most important thing there is.

When we minimize mental sleep, and habit­ual, compulsive thoughts, there is more space in the mind. We notice both more and dif­ferent things. When you clean out the attic you find treas­ures that have been forgotten. Other kinds of content come forth, even from before birth in this body. Long-forgot­ten feel­ings, and faint memo­ries of what we have been seeking all our life without quite knowing it. 

         In the everyday practical realm, weed out inessential concerns, to allow that which is covered over to come forth. There should be very little you need to attend to. Do nothing but what you are doing. While eating, just eat. Do not even produce mental con­tents. There is enough in awareness in this moment to pro­vide extraor­dinary experience. We are pulled in many di­rections, to the extent that we seem to have differ­ent natures at different times. The wise human is an inte­grated being, main­taining the ultimate pri­ority always. Centering before entering, rarely carried away by impulse. No excuses. Difficulties are oppor­tu­nities. The mind must be attentive and undistracted, an open channel for mes­sages from within and without – mes­sages blocked and distorted by more practical concerns, as light from the stars is blocked by the sun.

        Unattached to the conventional world, be fully present in the moment, able to respond to unexpected stimuli as they occur, in light of the ulti­mate priority. The more you walk the talk the more you advance. Each victory of will­power adds power. You are given strength beyond human, and rewards beyond those of giving in: transmun­dane experi­ences unknown to one who cannot let go. You may be tried beyond what seems endurable, but the body is a small part of your full being. There are friends who will not aban­don you.

The more you walk the talk the more you advance. Each victory of will-power adds power.

Thoughts are a tool meant to be used occa­sionally, for a purpose – not allowing them to hijack the mind and go on and on, unmonitored and uncontrolled. For most, compulsive and un­healthy thoughts can be stopped like any habit. In watchful silence, the mind blos­soms, free at last from indoctrination, from ‘self-evident’ sensory input, and mental fixations that continue after circumstan­ces change.

         For someone with a demand­ing job and fam­ily re­spon­si­bilities, such focus is much more difficult – al­t­hough still attaina­ble at some level. Consider every moment, every encounter, to be in some way an encounter with your full self.

         After ac­tiv­ity, resist immedi­ate transition. Elim­i­nate haste, and the feel­ing that there are things you must do or really want to do. There is a natural ten­dency to get caught up with an ac­tivity, gripped by the magnets of the body-mind. This is par­tic­u­larly no­tice­able when emo­tions are goaded. It is even more appar­ent when temp­tations rooted in phy­s­io­log­ical urges arise. How­ever, the magnets hard­est to escape are thoughts. ‘Natural’ tenden­cies can be outgrown. Keep your eyes on the prize. Remove ex­cess stuff, excess involve­ments, and excess men­tal activ­ity. Then, when thought bubbles percolate up, instead of sleepwaking into well-worn ruts, ob­serve, and enter their world. Awake, not caught by thought, allow the embryo of the complete, wise, and truly human being form, moment by moment.

            On the other side of the door lies the Treasure. Yet one who has no idea of the paradise of reality will not care, being comfortably enslaved, preferring not to see. Con­ventional life offers much to keep us busy and even feel fulfilled. Living an existence that appears mira­cu­lous to a person who is caught by thought is nor­mal human devel­op­ment. This trans­for­mation is dif­ficult to achieve, but a pos­ses­sion forever. You will see: There is no death. You arethe world, and so will love your neigh­bor – and all things – as your­self. They are yourself.

        The conscious, ego self is a raft on the ocean of the unconscious. The individual organism is a link to those larg­er forces. It can become aware of them and identify with them rather than with the body.

         When you arrive at this mode of being, the world within the world opens. This is the real world,  of which the material world is only one inter­pre­ta­tion. We discover it, it is not made up. The existence hu­mans gener­ally ac­cept without ques­tion is seen to be childish, a simplis­tic ver­sion of reality. Our inner thoughts and feelings are clearly revealed in outer words, acts, and appearance, but it takes attentiveness and time to perceive this. Existence is not just ma­te­rial, but is primarily consciousness, energy, and infor­mation. The thought-addicted person knows only the tip of the iceberg.

        Many things must be learned in the material world before it is pos­sible to go beyond it. Having acquir­ed the neces­sary informa­tion and ex­peri­ences, which are different for each person, one is free to give mindful atten­tion at all times. Every­thing is com­mu­nicating to us; there are riches beyond thought wherever we are. But we are al­most always too busy doing something else to notice. Do not die without knowing what occurs in a quieted, at­tentive mind. That is the reason you were born.

The Emerald Tablet
As above so below,
as within so without,
as awake so asleep,
for the miracles of one thing.

It takes time to acquire such knowledge. One limited to prac­tical affairs, trapped by the lower mind, does not notice what is before hir eyes.
What one has done, all will do.
Someday, all humans will be here now.
May that day come soon.

Dec 16, 2020

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